KasTech Agile Cloud 4-Step Program


KasTech Cloud Program

We’ve designed a 4-step Program to integrate Cloud into your Business.   Our proven methodology assesses your current state of business and Cloud maturity level and implements the right technology and required changes to your Business for successful adoption.  The Cloud means something different to every Business, and every Business benefits from Cloud Technolgies in different ways, which is why we take a Strategic approach in the selection and implementation of Cloud Services. We are focused on re-wiring your Business to take advantage of Innovative Cloud Technology. We have no exclusive partners as we don’t believe in recommeding solutions that don’t fit the requirement.



Our Cloud Program begins with an assessment whether you are just starting on the Cloud or have already implemented Cloud and looking to gain more benefit. Our Assessment will guage your Organization, Infrastructure, Business, Process, and Application Readiness and provide us with a current state of your Business and Maturity level which we use to provide a recommendation and implementation plan of integrating Cloud Services into your Business.

We’ve built and refined an online Cloud Readiness Pre-Assessment tool for your Business to fill out prior to our Workshop and Interviews we conduct during the 10-day Assessment. To get started with out Assessment send us an e-mail at info@kastech.com

Begin your Cloud Readiness Assessment Here



Whether you are becoming a Service Broker, using the Public, Private, or Hybrid Model, or using PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, DaaS… we implement Cloud Platforms and work with you to setup the necessary Teams, Processes, Policies and Org models to get the Cloud up and running with Clients,within your Business. Our time-to-value, Agile approach gets Cloud Services up and running in the shortest time possible to provide immediate value, but to also provide example and use cases to determine the direction of the use of Cloud Services within the Business and how Cloud can be integrated into the business.

Cloud Implementation isn’t just about Technology its the implementation of a new business model.

With out Implementation we’ll

  • Help Establish the Internal Cloud Team & Organization
  • Provide Foundational Cloud Services
  • Define Service Objectives
  • Provide Self-Service Catalog
  • Provide Plan for Transformation, integrating the Cloud into the Business



The benefits from Cloud computing don’t come from installing or subscribing to the Cloud. In order for the Cloud to effective within the Business, a new model of conducting business needs to be adopted. KasTech’s Transformation Program will help your Organization move to a Service-Oriented Cloud Operating Model. helping the Business align with technology, defining a new Operating and Consumption Model of Cloud Services, and providing new processes into the business. And articulating business objectives into a roadmap of new features within the Organizations cloud Services.



Cloud is more than just Applications and VMs. Cloud Technology can Accelerate your daily business operation making your workforce more productive and increase revenue-generating opportunity to your LOBs. Our Acceleration Program assesses your business and implements new automated processes that directly affect the productivity of your workforce.